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La clínica cirugía plástica

Clinique Hannibal Tunisie

Hannibal International Clinic is a private institution for health, with a medico-surgical orientation and a capacity of 180 beds distributed on 11 floors, and this is what makes it the largest clinic in Tunisia in terms of capacity. Geographically, the clinic is located in the neighborhood of the shores of the lake II, which has attracted a number of multinationals, embassies and business men.
Hannibal International Clinic is at 10 minutes from the northern suburbs of Tunis (La Marsa, Carthage, Gammarth) and at 10 minutes from midtown Tunis.
Hannibal International Clinic reserves a large place for Cardiology since primary prevention up to the secondary prevention with the creation of the first center of cardiac rehabilitation. It also reserves a large place for Oncology since the screening to the up to palliative cares with its anti-pain center. The same importance is also reserved for Gynecology with a center of medically assisted procreation and a unit Neonatology.
Hannibal International Clinic is able to overcome the limitations of the public cares offers for a better application of the demands, with 12 operating rooms (each specialized in a specific area), an emergency service with an anaesthetist resuscitator available on the spot 24h/24h, a technical staff equipped with very recent materials and a unit of Radiology (MRI, 64 strips scanners, ultrasound, bones densitometry, mammography, dental panoramic), a laboratory for medical analyses, a laboratory of anapath, a unit of nuclear medicine (with a Gamma Camera) and a radiotherapy unit (with an accelerator of latest generation).
Note that Hannibal International Clinic has reserved an important place for day care which will facilitate the application of medical checkups usually required by most of the multinationals.
To differentiate itself from the competition of other Tunisian clinics, Hannibal International Clinic provides in substance that it will meet all the standards and the European and Anglo-Saxon quality and safety certifications in the health sector to hoist the institution among the most innovative of the continent, while providing services at reasonable tariffs. Moreover, the file of certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 2600 et OHSAS 18001 is committed and in course of realization.

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